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Persephone Planchette

BloodMilk Planchette Boxes

New from BloodMilk :: The Persephone Planchette Jewelry Box

In collaboration with artist Paul Romano, BloodMilk has released a series of jewelry boxes in the shape of her personal symbol, the spirit board planchette.

The larger of the two boxes is decorated with a Persephone heart design by Paul Romano ::

A thorned heart extends into a double heart and infinity symbol where a small keyhole shape lies in its center, suggesting the everlasting nature of true love. Whichever piece or pieces of Bloodmilk you choose to place inside the box for safekeeping becomes the metaphorical “keys” to this lock, nodding to the idea of jewelry being romantic in nature when given as gifts between lovers.

bloodmilk planchette

Shouldn’t the lid to your jewelry box double as a fully functional tool for your spirit board?