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En Passant: New work from Jeremy Hush


Recently opened at Los Angeles’ Thinkspace Gallery, the solo exhibition ‘Curioso’ from Philadelphia based artist Jeremy Hush is on view until this Saturday, June 29. Featuring his signature delicate ball point pen renderings and muted watercolor washes, the new works find inspiration in childhood nostalgia; in particular the synthesis of the dark and whimsical aspect of fairy tales. Historic yet ill-fated figures such as Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia as well as St. Joan of Arc appear in the tangled wilderness, adding another narrative layer imbued with these past lives to the carefully constructed compositions of decay and adventure set in Hush’s miniature world.

You can find Curioso at Thinkspace Gallery, located at 6009 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, or visit Jeremy Hush’s online print shop.





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