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Stuck on Pins

Haute Macaber Pinterest 04

We don’t have an “official” account for Haute Macabre, but ever since I decided that Tumblr sort of drives me insane (yes, I am directly referring to the huge amount of animated gifs that are constantly popping up in our dashboard, and if you’re the one posting them, SHAME ON YOU), I absolutely adore Pinterest. These are a few awesome images I’ve found on there recently, and it seems I’ve got a thing for hands.

Haute Macaber Pinterest 05

Haute Macaber Pinterest 03

Haute Macaber Pinterest 06

Haute Macaber Pinterest 01

Haute Macaber Pinterest 07

Haute Macaber Pinterest 02



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  1. Ooh. These are all gorgeous. I have such a love/hate
    relationship with tumblr and pinterest. I’ve been using them both
    for what feels like forever so I’ve resigned myself,
    obviously…but it’s just frustrating how some of the most gorgeous
    things that people post are without a source. Most of the time you
    can reverse image search the thing and find the artist or creator
    right away, but when nothing turns up…ohhhh it is insufferable!
    It is a sort of exquisite agony finding a piece of art that calls
    to you and you have no idea from whose brilliant head it