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Trances and Portents



Writer and illustrator Stephanie Alice Rogers launched her webshop this past week, Trances and Portents. Art, wares, and objects inspired by sacred geometry, the occult, and little bit of our favorite plastic wrapped prom queen, Laura Palmer, Trances and Portents is comfortable “exploring the boundaries of human consciousness”.


From the artist ::

Before it was proven to be real, electromagnetism was considered a ludicrous concept. What else has science simply not yet verified? This line between the scientific and the supernatural has always fascinated me, and I find myself residing there in balance between reason and belief. The things that human beings have found sacred over millennia, and the symbols and stories with which we express our spirituality, are among the most captivating aspects of our species. With them, we attempt to make sense of the universe in all its seeming chaos.



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