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Blood is the New Black

heather gabel blood is the new black

I don’t think we’ve ever outright featured tee shirts on Haute Macabre before, but the new collection by Heather Gabel for Blood is the New Black is definitely worth breaking that streak. No stranger to the medium, Gabel has been designing band merch for years, and has expanded out to her own series of tees and prints. This shirt, although not listed on BitNB, might be one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

With a new collection curated by Heather, including artists and designers Hopeless Lingerie, Sophie Reaptress, Old Hag, and BloodMilk, Blood is the New Black is currently full of the proverbial win.

heather gabel blood is the new black heather gabel blood is the new black
heather gabel

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  1. I think you’d likely enjoy much of the Serpentine Clothing line as well. Plenty of dark tee shirt goodies <3

  2. Oh man, if not for tee shirts I’d probably be wondering
    around lost and naked and maybe arrested for indecent exposure. Tee
    shirts are like, 98% of my wardrobe. The other two percent consists
    of a skirt and a pair of jeans. Yeah, it’s a really sad state of
    sartorial affairs over here. Hm. I hope some of these tees have
    sleeves (*especially* the Creatures of the Night one)? Will peek
    now. I don’t wish to expose my shoulders and upper arms to the
    world. Modesty, you know.