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Drawing Down the Moon

hecate ring bloodmilk

Heavily seeped in mythology and mysticism, jewelry maven BloodMilk has released her latest collection, Drawing Down the Moon.

Each piece includes a stunning rose cut moonstone, a stone with extensive mystical properties. Strengthening intuition and  psychic perception, moonstone brings balance and harmony to its wearer. Paired with both new and classic designs from BloodMilk’s creations, each piece is infused with the magic and alchemy that we have come to expect and appreciate from JL Schnabel’s collection.

high priestess bloodmilk

large nyx bloodmilk

nyx earrings bloodmilk

underworld bloodmilk




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  1. OMG I’m in love with these moonstone jewelery!
    I want it so bad, it’s shame I can’t afford it, maybe one day :/