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Rick Owens Steps It Up

Just when you thing Rick Owens really can’t get any more awesome, he turns Paris Fashion Week on its’ stuffy little head.  Instead of showing his S/S 2014 collection on the usual assortment of waify young things with vacant expressions, he brought on an award-winning US step-dance team to model the clothes.

Oh, look. Women. Of assorted colors and sizes. Making facial expressions.


I love a lot of things about this, but I especially love how totally athletic these curvy girls are.  Haters, I dare you to keep up with these ladies for fifteen minutes. Also, I had no idea you could dance in Rick Owens. That shit moves.


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  1. I feel like half of the audience really “got” it and the other half were somewhat frustrated that he chose such an extreme departure – both in content and the physical appearance of these dancers. I have to say, I got a bit emotional towards the end, where they linked arms and were dancing in that snake-like formation. It was evocative of a chain gang, which has a psychic link (at least in my mind) to slavery. Their faces were obviously meant to express attitude, but perhaps something more was behind that? I’m sure these women are aware that the traditional look for this venue is freakishly tall, emaciated little girls (“waify young things” as Nixon put it). This definitely felt like a giant F- YOU to the industry, which I loved.

    …and that white chick’s hair – Yes.