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Rescue Ink



Sometimes, you just gotta post awesome. And these pictures from the guys at Resue Ink are making my day. For those of you that don’t know, Rescue Ink is a New-York based group of bikers and other self-proclaimed “street guys” who step up and do the dirty work when it comes to animal welfare (and have their own reality show on National Geographic). They serve as the muscle for local SPCAs and other rescue groups in volatile situations, and in their spare time they run a shelter in Long Beach and are developing the RISA app for Facebook to report and document animal abuse and get that information quickly into the hands of the right people.

Because, you know, super heroes.







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  1. Hi there, it’s wonderful that you promote animals and have
    such compassion! I’m very sorry though to inform you that the
    photos and story you’ve referred to is from 2009. This group had a
    television show back then, and did a lot of good for animals!
    Sadly, greed took over, most of the group left, (including the guys
    pictured), because they didn’t like the unethical things that have
    happened. Please consider removing this post because promoting the
    group only brings in donations and fuels the greed, so please
    consider removing before more animals and people are hurt. Here’s a
    list of a few things that have been documented behaviors and acts
    that Rescue Ink has committed. I’m sure you didn’t know, so no hard
    feelings, just trying to help. Also, please check out the link
    below to learn more. There are 900 people on the page mentioned,
    and many of them are from the show and from the original group. We
    all just want to see the truth shared so that animals and people
    are safe. In the past two years, Rescue Ink has: -Taken donations
    promising that 100% would be given to animal care, yet their latest
    tax return shows them falling 94% below their promise. Only 6% is
    given to animals. -Promised that Rescue Ink merchandise purchases
    are “100% to help animals” when it was ordered by a judge in a
    lawsuit settlement that the merchandise profits go solely to pay
    off the amount for which they were sued. -Allowed three animals to
    die unnecessarily in Hurricane Sandy due to neglect. -Failed to
    provide real documentation of animal rescues, or travel to perform
    animal rescues, when requested by donors. -Implied that a
    grandmother was involved in animal abuse of a puppy in a personal
    vendetta toward the woman for speaking the truth about the things
    above. The woman has provided vet records that the veterinarian who
    examined the puppy absolved her from any wrongdoing. Please visit
    “Rescue Ink Former Members, Volunteers, and Supporters” on Facebook
    to join the 900 people who already know the truth. We share it for
    the animals!