The HM Christmas Wish List | Haute Macabre

The HM Christmas Wish List

For those of you who need a little inspiration in your shopping. Or, if you just want to send us presents. And because the true joy of the season is the excuse to sit on Etsy all day long marveling at the wonders that exist.


If Sam and I sat down to tea, these would be our cups.  For Sam, the dainty Witchcraft Painted Tea Cup – classic yet creepy, perfect for reading the leaves. And for yours truly, the slightly hardier Chance of Vodka Mug. No need to read the leaves, there probably aren’t any anyway.


For the bookworm on your list, might we suggest the best bookmark EVER, the Dead Man in a Book Bookmark? For best presentation, tuck it inside a copy of Stiff. And for the young reader on your list, My First Kafka will introduce Mr. Samsa to a whole new generation.


Need something for the witchy woman who has everything? Try  The Daemon Tarot book and tarot deck. You can’t  wrong with 69 demons! Can’t decide between magic and science? The Metatron’s Cube Candle easily balances both. Metatron’s Cube is either a figure in sacred geometry, derived from the Tree of Life and named after the angel voted most likely to actually be a giant robot, or else it is a pattern created by orthographic projections of the first three Platonic solids. Depends on your mood.


I have a longstanding weakness for the Jackalope, a beast which combines my loves of terrible taxidermy, roadside attractions, and cryptozoology in one tiny, fuzzy, adorable package.  The Jackalope Brooch is like all that plus jewelry.  Or you could go the classic route by getting someone a Christmas ornament, something they can take out every year, hang on their tree, and think of the person who got it for them.  Something like the Plague Doctor Ornament . Because nothing says ‘holiday’ like a creepy dude in a bird-shaped gas mask.


I’m not sure there’s much to say about the Bag of Dicks in Pink, except that it also comes in Bigger and Browner. Someone on your list needs a bag of cuddly crochet penises. I’m just not sure if that person is a best friend or a worst enemy.