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Instagram Contest + New Advertiser :: raintower


Please welcome our newest advertiser, Naomi Nowak of raintower!

Naomi Nowak is a painter, illustrator and graphic novelist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Having a part time job can be a good idea in that line of work and it turned out the ones that would have here were all fashion-related … and initially, a lot of fun only to leave a terrible aftertaste. What do you do when you absolutely love clothes but your inside look at both high left your appalled? In 2009, Naomi swore off buying new things and has since kept that promise (with the exception of some knickers and mascara, thank you). Wearing only vintage can get boring, so the sewing machine got dusted off, and in 2012, raintower was born.

The vast majority of raintower garments are made from recycled, pre-loved material and the rest is carefully sought out from dead-stock fabric – nothing they do supports new manufacture. This way, the environmental impact is extremely low, and the garments are a free of chemicals as possible.


The ethics and aesthetics of raintower are inseparable – just as in her illustrations, Naomi seeks to honor a deep and mystical connection to nature with her work, hailing the moon, the storms, the veil of night, russet autumn, roaring sea, deep forest, and bright dawn.

Find Naomi on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and check out her portfolio site!

naomixhautemacabre instagram contest

Haute Macabre and Naomi have teamed up for an Instagram contest!

Repost the image above and follow us both on Instagram (as if you didn’t already) :: @haute_macabre & @naominowak, and tag the image with #naomixhautemacabre for a chance to win a $150 gift voucher to raintower’s Etsy shop! We’ll pick a winner on February 7!