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New Advertiser :: Spectral Cinema : The Art of Kat Toronto

Kat Toronto

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Kat Toronto

Based in Northern California, Kat Toronto works in dark pop-surrealist photography and mixed media art inspired by the Victorian Spiritualist movement. Living within her psyche is a rotating cast of saints, sinners, and martyrs with stories that desperately need to be told. Each of her images is meticulously planned, from the doll-like masks that she makes by hand, to the texture and drape of fabric. When just the right ingredients are assembled, she allows the characters to take over and reveal their secrets.

Kat’s work has been exhibited in such spaces as Kat Von D’s Wonderland Gallery, Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, the Baton Rogue Gallery Center for Contemporary Art, and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

Visit her website, Spectral Cinema : the art of Kat Toronto. Conjuror of spirits creating a magical concoction of beautifully bizarre and playfully unsettling images.


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