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Stacked :: Penguin Horror Classics


This past holiday, I was fortunate enough to be gifted the full set of classic horror stories recently released in deluxe editions by Penguin Classics. The set is fantastically curated by Guillermo del Toro, including some of his favorite tales and an introduction by the director. The hardcovers are so gorgeous, with original cover art by Penguin art director Paul Buckley, that even these are stories that you’ve read time and time again, these editions belong on your shelf.

Penguin Horror Classics

My first read of the series was The Thing on the Doorstep (And Other Weird Tales), a collection of H.P. Lovecraft’s works, and I could barely put it down. It’s actually the first set of his stories I’ve read (the shame, I know!), and I am now an absolute devotee. [Yes, that bookend on my shelf is awesome, and it’s from Knob Creek Metal Arts.]

You can find these editions at your local bookshop or online!

Penguin Horror Classics : Frankenstein Penguin Horror Classics : The Thing on the Doorstep Penguin Horror Classics : Haunted Castles Penguin Horror Classics : American Supernatural Tales Penguin Horror Classics : The Raven Penguin Horror Classics : The Haunting of Hill House

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  1. So happy to see The Haunting of Hill House up there! It’s
    such an amazing horror novel but no one I talk to has read

  2. Good lord! These are gorgeous! I would indulge in this
    collection for that Haunted Castles collection alone! I am
    this-way/that-way about old HPL; I love the ideas and the concepts
    behind his stories but then I feel guilty because I think he was
    maybe a jerk and definitely a racist. Also, sometimes I find I run
    out of patience with his purple prose. But there is no denying that
    the imagery in the terror he invokes is ever enduring. I still get
    shivers every time I even think about The Shadow Over Innsmouth.
    (And once you read that you must watch the movie Dagon. It’s awful.
    And kind of fantastic!)