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PSA :: BPAL Update!

HM+BPAL As Above, So Below

Greetings, our patient, wonderful, and supportive friends!

I received an email this afternoon from the wonderful team at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab informing me that production on our fragrances was complete, and that our order will be sent off to me shortly! Barring any unforeseen obstacles (I’m looking at you, evil lady at my local USPS branch that hates me for no good reason), this means that everyone’s orders will be fulfilled as soon as I receive the package. The shop will be reopened once everyone’s orders have been sent off and I’ve caught up.

I’d also like to apologize for our lack of Haute List this week, I promised Nixon I would take care of it for her while she was attending a funeral, and instead I stayed in bed with a migraine all day. We’ll get you a new one next Monday, promise.

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