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PSA :: Slight Delay in Shipping Fragrances


A quick Public Service Announcement to our lovely and amazing readers ::

We are experiencing a slight delay in shipping out all of your fragrances orders. I spoke this morning with our contact at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and they are having a problem manufacturing So Below. It should be resolved shortly, but as I did promise a late April ship date, I wanted to inform everyone that it will be just a bit longer.

Please keep in mind that both Haute Macabre and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab are extremely small operations (HM is entirely composed of Nixon and myself, and we’re on opposite coasts), and BPAL has also under five employees (I believe it’s just two of them over there, too!). We are all working as hard as we can to fulfill everyone’s purchases as quickly as possible, and I will make sure to keep everyone in the know as soon as I have an updated ship date. The Haute Macabre shop will be closed down until I’ve caught up with everything and sent off all of the current orders.

I’ve posted all of the information I have thus far here, but if you need to get in touch with me, please feel free to contact me at samantha [at] hautemacabre [dot] com.

Thank you all a million times over for all of your support!
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