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Zoetica Ebb Launches Alien Botany

We’ve been waiting for this! Zoetica Ebb just announced the launch of her wearable art collection, Alien Botany. The unique line includes elaborate leggings and scarves designed by the artist herself and is available for pre-order at introductory prices until June 30th.

“Hortus” scarves from the Alien Botany wearable art collection.

The line was photographed by Brent Liederitz  through a mirror prism Zo had made for the occasion, then spliced together to showcase different aspects of each piece.

Two years ago, a strange tag appeared on Zoetica’s tumblr, accompanying glimpses of ink drawings. It read: Alien Botany. Rendered in nearly-microscopic detail, these large-scale illustrations show tendrils, seeds, scales, pores – all manner of detail and texture belonging to unfamiliar organisms, part plant, part animal.

“Void” leggings from the Alien Botany wearable art collection

As the work developed, an iconography emerged. Though only two of the plant designs have been publicly posted in full, Zoetica described some of the concept behind this series when she relaunched her website and began to re-emerge from a year-long sabbatical: a shipwrecked cosmonaut awaits rescue on a far-away planet, documenting the flora through whatever means available.

“Toxic” leggings from the Alien Botany wearable art collection

The series is now full-steam ahead with the support of Patreon, which is partly responsible for the launch of the development and launch of the Alien Botany, the wearable art collection.

“Mimus” leggings from the Alien Botany wearable art collection

All of these complex patterns began as original ink drawings in the Alien Botany series, then became wearable art, created with the body in mind. Otherworldly tendrils slither and slink to flatter and showcase our assets with polished flair.

All styles are available for pre-order now, through the end of June. Everything is offered at introductory prices for this limited time only – get yours now, before they slither away or mutate!

“Desiderium” leggings from the Alien Botany wearable art collection

Zoetica Ebb Alien Botany

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