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So, Health Goth is a Thing Now



I just thought you guys should know. You know, kinda in the way you feel like your buddy should hear it from you when her ex does something really egregious at the bar while drinking too many Coco NoNos, instead of stumbling into that mess on Facebook the next day.  It’s a thing.  It’s happening. It has been photographed. It has a hashtag. It has a Tumblr and a Pinterest and a Facebook Community and an Article in Vice that includes the phrase “Bela Lugosi’s Deadlift”. It is apparently Transcending Normcore, which I only learned about like last week, so I’m a bit shocked that it has already been transcended. You have been warned.



disco witch

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  1. I hope you realize this whole health goth thing is merely satire
    While you’re at it though check out swampgoth and ikeagoth

  2. I’m ok with this to an extent, because this is essentially how I actually look at the gym. But in every day life, I just don’t know…..

  3. I feel like the bar for something being ‘a thing now’ has become about as low as possible. A couple social media sites including one that’s not even active and a Vice article, that’s it?

    Black bathing suits and athletic gear aren’t new. I look more goth than any of these pictures every time I go hiking. It’s not a fashion statement, it’s a big black hat like I’m in Fields of the Nephilim because I burn easily and I live in southern California.

  4. Wow…just…wow. So, this is what it feels like to be the old lady down the street who can’t stand kids and their newfangled ideas and contraptions, except this old lady has purple hair, tattoos, piercings, and still worships Peter Murphy.