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New Advertiser :: Fiendies

 Fiendies Planchettes

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Fiendies!

The Keepers of Curious Design – the duo that is Enchanted Rumors bring you the mysterious collection that is Fiendies! Combining their obsession with darkness and a little help from their supernatural time machine, they have unearthed an ancient crystal mine with many untold mysteries. Go explore with them as they continue to reveal new secrets.

Meticulously handcrafted goods from the arcane shadows – relics include :
Skull sculptures of the ancient demons that inhabited the mines, custom wood engraved, hand-painted Spirit Boards and planchettes to guide you to the world unseen. Wicked Quartz and Hexagon Jar Candles; hand poured in 100% Beeswax mixed with custom-blended specialty scents. These long-burning potents scents will transform any room, chamber, or shadowy abode to worlds of time past. Cast gold sparks onto any open flame with Mystical Fire Dust.

Haute Macabre readers will receive a free gift with their order by using code HauteSeance at checkout!

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 Fiendies Fire Dust

Fiendies Wicked Quartz

 Fiendies Spirit Board