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Freak Show


I am beyond excited about October 8.

Last season of American Horror Story was filmed in New Orleans, as is this one. The Coven House is just a few blocks away from my own, I saw the cast about town multiple times, and my husband was even in one scene – the bar where Cordelia’s face was burned is where he works, and he was in the scene as one of the bartenders (he even got a little tipsy with Jessica Lange in between takes!). Yesterday, I am 99% sure that I walked past the actress that played Pepper in Asylum. I even found a number of Spaulding’s dolls for my own collection.

Having a show I love so much literally right outside my door makes it so much more exciting for me, and I cannot wait to see the upcoming season!


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  1. I’m soooo excited for the new season to start!! I adored last season, it was just so beautifully styled and shot and the city was the perfect backdrop.

    I so want to visit New Orleans some day soon!!


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