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Haute List Fail, v.II

Jeffrey Campbell

As Erin’s computer is still in the shop, here’s another totally not a Haute List at all, because I start to draft proper lists, and then I get distracted window shopping. Instead, here are a bunch of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I started oogling.

Brophy Combat Boot    ‡   Mocassins*   ‡  Juneau Heeled Boot

Everwell   ‡  Lace-Up Tall Boot   ‡  Studded Moccasins

Lug Sole Booties    ‡   Lowery Boot   ‡  McCloud Aw Wood Heels

Lynked-Tie   ‡  Cross Studded Ankle Boot **

*I have these, and don’t wear them often enough

**Someone needs to call 24 year old me and tell her to calm the eff down over this entire row.