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New Advertiser :: Velvet Garden

Velvet Garden

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Velvet Garden!

Velvet Garden is the web’s largest gothic fashion marketplace, where you can buy or sell new and gently used gothic and alternative clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, books, movies, music, and more!

Compared to eBay or other auction sites, Velvet Garden lets you keep your items up for ONE FULL YEAR and only charges a small, one-time listing fee of 10% of your asking price. Selling on Velvet Garden is easy! You can decide your own selling and shipping terms, you don’t need to give your your credit card information, and you never have to worry about conforming to a giant list of arbitrary rules to sell your items on Velvet Garden.

Having been in business for over 15 years, Velvet Garden has a large, wonderfully dedicated community of buyers that receive a weekly e-mail update of all the newly listed items, so all of the marketing is done for you!

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Velvet Garden