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The Order of the Good Death // Death Salon 2015

The Order of the Good Death have announced their Death Salon events for 2015: the first coming this spring at The Getty Villa in Los Angeles, on April 26, and the second, two day event at The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia on October 5 & 6.

Not familiar with The Order of the Good Death or Death Salon? These organizations are spear heading the Death Positive movement, a way of thinking devoted to embracing the inevitable outcome of us all, rather than fearing or shunning it. Death itself is natural, but the anxiety and terror surrounding it in modern culture are not. We’ve mentioned the Order of the Good Death here on Haute Macabre before, when guest blogger and Order member Bess Lovejoy interviewed founder Caitlin Doughty about her memoir, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes & Other Lessons from the Crematory (one of my favorite books from last year), and highly recommend taking some time to browse through the post archives on The Order’s site.

Death Salons are modeled after the eighteenth century “salon” meetings, where intellectuals would gather and discuss academic topics. Focusing on the resonating effects of death in society, cultural practices of mourning, and the general idea of mortality, Death Salons are open to the public. Video access to the Salon’s previous event in San Francisco last year is available for a small one-time fee. Tickets to this year’s Salon events do not appear to be on sale yet, but I’m sure they will be shortly. I’m personally hoping to attend the Philadelphia event, as long as I can convince my husband that a weekend at The Mutter is the best possibly way to spend our anniversary.

Available now are t-shirts, tote bags, and pins in the Good Death’s webshop, including the Future Corpse T-shirt I may have to get my hands on.

The Order of the Good Death Future Corpse

The Order of the Good Death Future Corpse


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