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Pryopet Giveaway!

Pyropet Giveaway on Haute Macabre

We all know that cats are evil on the inside. The designers at Pyropet were well aware of this, and as Kisa the Candle burns, she melts away to reveal her menacing skeleton inside.

Cats have always had a split personality. One minute purring contentedly the next hissing and temperamental. While they are cute and huggable they have a dark side associated with witchcraft and sorcery. Kisa was created to capture this duality. Kisa performs a slowly unfolding transformation from cute kitty to brooding skeleton.

Kisa is available to adopt at Inked Magazine’s Inked Shop in both grey and pink.

Pyropet Giveaway on Haute Macabre

We’re giving one pink Kisaaway, courtesy of Inked Magazine’s Inked Shop! To enter to win, just leave a comment below! We’ll pick a winner at random on Friday, February 27! 

Pyropet Giveaway on Haute Macabre

Pyropet Giveaway on Haute Macabre

Pyropet Giveaway on Haute Macabre

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  1. light the candle if you dare
    watch the flame of life melt away
    exposing your cats true raw state”
    sweet candle idea

  2. Oh man, my cat Atticus would flip out. I would love to just watch him watch the skeleton slowly appear. ????

  3. I thought only black cats were evil?! (And my husband’s calico…notice I say “my husband’s”). Never heard of these, cool idea and name!

  4. Cats and candles are one of my passions, this candle would look purrrrrfect in my home!

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