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Etsy shop of the Week: Mirimirifashion


Sheer Silk Hooded Dress, $129

Veteran designer Kaye Costello’s Etsy shop, Mirimirifashion, chooses to do only a few things- but to do them well. And the main thing she does is hooded dresses with some shrugs and boleros scattered in, focusing on that fine line where fashion meets cozy. As someone that lives in the perpetually chilly SF Bay Area and spends a great deal of time bitching about the lack of cute long-sleeved dresses, I pretty much want everything.


Short Tunic Dress, $79


Hi-Lo Hoodie Dress, $99

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  1. awesome shop, thank you for telling us! i think the sheer silk hooded dress would be a perfect addition to most wardrobes – one can never have too many sheer things!