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Life After Death: Urban Death Project Kickstarter

Urban Death Project

The Urban Death Project has launched its Kickstarter to crowdfund their brilliant and beautiful method of laying our loved ones to rest. Urban Death Project

The Urban Death Project is a new system that utilizes the natural process of decomposition to safely and gently turn our deceased into soil. The project is creating a meaningful, equitable, and ecological alternative to existing options for the care of the dead.

Current Westernized methods of burial and cremation are damaging to the environment, burning fossil fuels and wasting resources. Embalming is a superficial road to longevity, preserving the deceased only in appearance for a short while and nothing more, and fills our grounds with carcinogenic embalming fluids. The Urban Death Project proposes a new method that puts our physical remains to a great use: creating new life.

Please visit The Urban Death Project’s Kickstarter page for more information, and to back their project!

Urban Death Project

Urban Death Project

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  1. I would So do this. Going to donate as well, I always think about what a scam the Funeral industry is and how much it must hurt the environment. This is really a lovely to be buried and help the environment at the same time.

  2. Please don’t write westernized when you mean americanized. So many seem to think that what America does is true for all of western society when it’s not. I live in Sweden and have worked in the funeral business. We hardly ever, ever use ambalming and the same is true for every eauropean country that I know of. Here it’s known more of like and American thing. That said: Embalming is really just weird, a way to make us not face the truth about mortality. We live, we die and we become life for others. It’s really quite beautiful, and comforting.