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I got this one on eBay for $34– she still has a few left


I know that most of you are not thinking about sweaters right now, but here in San Francisco it’s that terrible time of year where the days get longer, the flowers start blooming, and the weather stays exactly the damn same. It leaves me with a closet full of cute spring dresses it’s way too cold to wear, and a desperate need for layers. And truth be told, I’m feeling some serious hate for the current coverup options. I’m short, and while I’m hardly heavy I’ve got a serious ass and thigh thing happening, so sweaters with descriptions like ‘boxy’, ‘boyfriend’, and ‘slubby’ really don’t work out for me. I end up looking more like Janeane Garofalo at a slumber party than like those leggy girls on ASOS. Those oh-so-hip handkerchief hem cardigans that flare at the hip? Worst thing ever on my body type. I might as well wear a bustle with jeans.

What I really wanted were some fitted, vintage-style cardigans that flatter the waist and boobs. It’s easy to find them if you like the rockabilly look- but I don’t.  So all the Hellbunny ones were out, and most of what Modcloth had are just too cutesy ( Did this one really need the Scotties? It would’ve been just fine, guys) . Then I just happened to find a cute Karen Millen sweater on eBay that fit the bill- and now I want everything she’s ever made with this silhouette! Sadly, the current collection is pretty lackluster, but I picked up an unworn one on eBay for about $35 (link under photo above).

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  1. I feel you so much on all of these. I also live in San Francisco and have the exact same feelings about sweaters (can’t do the rockabilly thing and modcloth is usually a let down). My father got me this amazing cashmere cardigan with that more vintage-fit, but it’s a bright magenta (and totally plain, nothing cutesy on it, thank god).. and it’s great for the handful of colorful vintage pieces I wear, but everything else I wear is black/grey. I’d love another in cream or grey, but I’ve yet to find one. I love that second sweater though, the pinkish one..