The Plagues of Egypt | Haute Macabre

The Plagues of Egypt


Unable to presently accept Golden Calves as a form of payment, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s current limited collection of The Plagues of Egypt is reigning down on the land. Offerings of first born and doors smeared with lamb’s blood may be considered, but cold hard cash is preferred.


Of the set, I have found myself drawn to four scents in particular: A Very Grievous Murraine, brown musk, myrrh, and sun-baked leather afflicted by splotches of saffron and red musk; Smite All They Borders With Frogges, an amphibious green musk with bog moss, benzoin, Mountain sage, Brazilian vetiver, tomato leaf, cucumber pulp, and unripe squash; They Shall Eate the Residue of that Which is Escaped, dry vanilla mint with rosewood, balsam, green sandalwood, green mate absolute, and sage; and All The Dust of the Land, an infestation of Ceylon cinnamon bark, black patchouli, tonka absolute, bitter almond, and frankincense.

They Shall Eate the Residue of That Which is Escapedis my current go-to scent, and I have already ordered extras of it and A Very Grevious Murraine.

The Plagues of Egypt are a ten scent collection, available to order as a full set with a special visit of an Angel of Death imp, exclusively paired with The Plagues. These scents will be decimating the lands until June 4.