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I’ve been feeling the need to sew lately, but a trip to the local Joanne’s pattern section was…disappointing.  Even the dog coats were ugly. So, of course, I turned to the Internet.

Yesterday I got my first patterns in the mail from Australian pattern maker Style Arc. For those of you, like me, whose pattern experiences have been limited to Simplicity and McCalls, this is a whole new thing. Or an old thing, maybe, because my mother assures me that this is what patterns used to be like. I found Style Arc because they had much more current-looking options than even Vogue patterns, but what sold me is this: you order the pattern in your size. No cutting out your size by trying desperately to follow a series of overlapping and confusing lines. Oh- and no tissue paper. This is on actual paper- I’ll be able to reuse it over and over without it shredding. The quality is far above what I’m used to getting here in the States.

Now, here’s the down side. The patterns themselves are not that expensive- higher than Butterick, but lower than Vogue. But unless you live in Australia (in which case you already know all this and quit reading this a while back), shipping can be a killer. If you only order a pattern or maybe two it can ship Airmail, which isn’t so bad- but order more and it goes over the Airmail limit and it suddenly leaps. I wanted three things, but $40 in shipping for patterns was absurd, so I settled on my favorite and got the shipping down to $9. On the bright side, they send along a free pattern on your first order.

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  1. StyleArc is now selling many of their patterns through their Etsy store. Therefore, there’s no wait for them (immediate download), you get three sizes instead of one, and the shipping cost is zero. The downside is that you have to tape the pieces together, but that’s a small drawback considering all the positives. Their patterns are awesome.