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BloodMilk Book Club

BloodMilk Book Club

Over the past few years of our friendship, I’ve received more fantastic book recommendations that I can count from Jess Schnabel of BloodMilk Jewels. An avid an enthusiastic reader, Jess has a super sense for finding independent publishers and their marvelous writers that would have been otherwise overlooked or never mentioned in the masses of bestseller lists and Barnes and Nobel display tables.

This summer, she has started the BloodMilk Book Club, where participants can read and discuss her well curated picks together on her blog. The first selection is B. Catling’s The Vorrh. My copy is sitting sadly neglected in one of my many To-Read stacks, so I have not yet participated but plan on as soon as I can!

August’s selection are two collections of poetry: Mad Honey Symposium by Sally Wen Mao of small press Alice James Books, and At Night by Lisa Ciccarrello from Black Ocean Books. Both are available to order directly through the publishing houses, and Black Ocean Books is offering a generous 30% discount on At Night by using the code “BLOODMILK” at checkout. I have both currently on order, and am looking forward to the discussion on the BloodMilk Blog.

BloodMilk Book Club

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