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Death Salon + The Dark Artisans’ Bazaar


The fifth Death Salon event is rapidly approaching, hosted the weekend of October 5-6 at the stunning Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Death Salon is fashioned in the spirit of eighteenth-century salons, as an informal gathering of intellectuals and enthusiasts, dedicated to conversations on mortality and mourning and their effects on our culture and history. The public events and online community devote themselves to increasing discussion on this often ignored subject, focusing more on ideas an the broader cultural impacts of death than one’s personal interactions with morality. 

Included in the October event’s speaker lineup are some fascinating and familiar names and topics: Dr. Paul Koudounaris (you’ve definitely heard that name mentioned on Haute Macabre a few times), Sarah Troop of Death & The Maiden, osteologist Ryan Matthew Cohn, Mutter Museum Curator Anna Dhody, author and Haute Macabre guest blogger Bess Lovejoy, and many, many more.

Mutter Museum Philadelphia

In addition to their already amazing lineup of speakers and presenters, Death Salon has added The Dark Artisans’ Bazaar to the events planned for the weekend. Vendors have been handpicked by the Death Salon board members, and includes more than just a few Haute Macabre favorites.

Tickets are available now for the two day long October event, held at the beautiful Mutter Museum in Philadelphia.

Death Salon Dark Artisans' Bazaar

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  1. ARGH it is killing me that I am not able to attend! I will be on a flight back from Portland just as things are getting started at Death Salon. Granted, I will be going to the Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon and meeting some fantastic folks while I am out there on the west coast….but still. Le Sigh. Maybe next year…