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Nourishing Death


Swedish Funeral Candy

My newest blog discovery is Nourishing Death, from Death Salon’s Social Media Editor, Sarah Elizabeth Troop, and Bruno Huerta, whose bio says he founded something with the amazing name of The Paranthropologic Society for Anomalous Exploration, so I’m pretty sure we’d be friends.

Nourishing Death bills itself as “An Examination of the Relationship Between Food and Death in Rituals, Culture, Religion and Society.”  Basically, it’s a blog about death and food and the roles food plays in our death rituals- and it comes with lots and lots of recipes for things like Irish Wake Cake, Resurrection Rolls, and Fave Dei Morti. Now here’s a cooking site I can get behind…

unnamed-11Frozen Charlottes

1471349_621793817862924_640324185_nMormon Funeral Potatoes

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  1. You must make the funeral biscuits that she links to! They are TO DIE for!
    Hur, Hur, sorry, couldn’t help it. But seriously, they are really good, as is the Irish Wake cake. I served them for both of my Death Cafes and they went so quickly!