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The Doctor is In

Dr Marten Bosch

In my what seems to be an annual hunt for Boots That I Cannot Kill, I fell into a rabbit hole of Dr Martens boots. It felt like the early 1990s and 14 year old me almost got a hold of my credit card, but sadly the Magnum Opus of their stock was already sold out: the Hieronymous Bosch collection with prints of the ultimate surrealist’s Heaven and Hell on the boots, bags, and oxfords. I’ve now got eBay alerts set up for any of the line to show up in my size, but I think they will exist only in my fetishistic dreams.

Dr Marten Bosch

Instead, I’ve narrowed it down to these styles, with Persephone in the lead.

Dr Marten Persephone

Persephone Chunky Heel

Dr Marten Marceline

Dr Marten x Adventure Time Marceline the Vampire Queen

Dr Marten

Aimilita 9-Eye Toe Cap Boot

Dr Marten Lauren Lug Military

Lauren Lug Military Style Boot

Dr Marten

Triumph 1914 12-Eye Combat Boots

Dr Marten Beckette 8-Eye Floral

Beckette 8-Eye Floral

I haven’t owned a pair of Docs since middle school, so I honestly cannot remember if they’re the most comfortable and durable things ever or if they’re the worst thing since bondage pants (seriously now, we ALL tripped over those straps at least once). Anyone out there walking for miles in these daily?

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  1. I bought my first pair in early 2012, they got stolen a few weeks after while I attended dancing class, and so I bought the second one in late 2012 or early 2013 (8-hole ones, classic black). Mine are still good, only a few scratches tell their age. I wear them 8hrs +, to work and especially to festivals, so they get a lot of use. I usually break my shoes in by wearing these thick knitted woolsocks my grandma makes, and I don’t get sores or blisters.
    I have had a close look at all these fantastic new designs, but as my friends stated, the leather quality DID go down quite dramatically since they moved the production to Asia. They’re seemingly in a constant downward spiral when it comes to quality and price.

  2. Docs are simultaneously the most punishing and comfortable shoes I have. The break-in period can be long and quite painful, but once it’s broken in, they become just the most perfect shoe.

    Of the ones you posted, I have the Lauren boots. I really like them and they were pretty comfortable out of the box. With that said, the quality is obviously inferior to the Made in England ones. I have two pairs of the Made in England 1460s (black and red); the oldest of the two I’ve had for 6-7 years and they’ve held up quite nicely even with frequent use (and brutal winters).

  3. As far as I know there is only one Retro-Line (“1942”, I think), which is still produced with great quality in England. Most of their line is produced in Asia since the firm was sold a decade ago. The leather is cheaper and not very durable. Sadly so.

  4. Wear mine (8 hole) mostly during autumn/winter to work, and otherwise to go out etc. An ideal winter footwear for me. Bought them in 2013, and the last time I had Doc Martens before that was like 2001-02.

  5. Echoing the questionable durability on the newer boots. From what I’ve heard they really have gone down in quality these last few years.

  6. I managed to get the Hieronymus Bosch boots at the Haight street store when I was in San Francisco a couple months ago. So far they are holding up great through rain, biking, and art-making. My goal is for them to last at least the next 10 years. They aren’t quite as comfy as other shoes I’ve had but definitely have the best ratio of cute to comfy of my current shoe collection. Generally if I’ve been standing in them for 7+ hours (most of my jobs require standing) my heels get a bit sore but not terribly sore.

  7. Sadly, I question the durability of the newer boots. I have friends who have had theirs for 15 or more years with zero problems. The pair I have I bought in 2012, and I think I will sadly have to retire them soon.

    The zipper is starting to break and separate any time I bend my ankle (which will definitely teach me NOT to get a side zipper ever again.) The first time I brought them in to be fixed, the guy fixing them remarked at how the leather used in the inlay of the zipper was plastic leather (which explains why it flaked away over time.)

    The treads are almost bald on them as well (I was starting to slip a little bit on the slush toward the end of Winter this year), and the leather is cracked where the toe bends despite using the Wonder Balsam product they sold to me at the Doc Martens store.

    I’ve heard similar remarks from others who have the newer boots. I wish their quality hadn’t taken such a turn because they have the ability to make some cute boots (as pictured!)

    It really sucks because I do love their boots! The wonder years (year?) of my pair were great, but when they went down hill, my heart broke a little.

    End rant!

  8. Still wear them nearly every day (8 hole), still comfortable. I saw the Bosch in the store on Haight Street the other month – they were, indeed, pretty dreamy.