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Wearable Art: Alien Botany Dresses by Zoetica

Alien Botany

Alien Botany is an ongoing concept series, where Zoetica’s imaginary alien flora translates into otherworldly fine art drawings, sculptures and textile design. The dresses are available for a limited-time preorder at exclusive preorder prices until Friday, December 11th.

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Alien Botany

On the heels of several capsule collections featuring summer and winter Alien Botany leggings, Zoetica now delves deeper, crafting three form-flattering bodycon dresses scrawled with new print designs featuring signature Alien Botany elements, a square décolletage and a dip hem that hits below the knee. The elaborate prints began as original Alien Botany drawings then became wearable art, designed with the body in mind. Otherworldly tendrils slither across lush, heavy knit and slink around curves to flatter and showcase assets with polished flair.

Zo designed the dress patterns and the prints, and, as with her other collections, she reached out to trusted friend, Adriana Fulop of Toronto-based label, PlastikWrap, to help with production. Quality remains the focus and, as with previous collections, there’s nothing flimsy about these pieces. The new, substantial fabric is soft, thick, totally opaque and feels like second skin, the print is lush and crisp, in brilliant resolution.

Forget about making a statement – make ’em weep.

Pre-Order your Alien Botany Dress at BioRequiem.com

Alien Botany

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  1. Oh Zoetica, she always does good! I like the black one and will look into how to get it in Europe… The shape’s a bit too elegant, “work appropriate” for my taste, but I love the rectangular neckline. Haven’t seen that in a while…