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Esoteric Book Conference

Please welcome guest blogger, The Witch of Witchery Way! A practicing hedgewitch in the Great White North, The Witch is a devotee of low magic, and runs our favorite supply source. Visit her shop, www.TheWitchery.Ca, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Esoteric Book Conference

I was fortunate enough to be invited to volunteer for the 7th annual Esoteric Book Conference this past September. The conference has been happening since 2008 and I would say is one of Seattle’s best kept secrets…

Or at least for this Witch it was.

“[An] annual international event to bring together authors, artists, publishers and bookmakers working in the field of esotericism. In addition to presentations by notable authors and scholars, the conference opens it doors to publishers and booksellers showcasing new & used books as well as rare and hard-to-find esoteric texts.”

It is hosted by the amazing Catamara from Rosarium Blends & William Kiesel from Ouroboros Press two more magical sites I suggest looking into.

Verdant Gnosis Published by Rubedo Press ~ One of the many awesome publishers attending the event.
Verdant Gnosis Published by Rubedo Press ~ One of the many awesome publishers attending the event.

This event was truly amazing and I highly recommend that you save all your pocket money to attend next year. Some of my favourite lectures I heard that weekend included one on Russian Folk Magic presented by Oksana Marafioti. There is truly not enough written in this area, Oksana toyed with the group on promises of an upcoming book she is writing.. All I can say is TAKE MY MONIES!!!

Magical Realism in Russia
Oksana Marafioti ~ Presentation “Magical Realism in Russia: How Ancestry Worship, Shamanism and Christianity Shaped the Nation”

My other favourite lecture of the weekend was put on by Jesse Hathaway one half of Wolf & Goat. If possible you need to hear Jesse in person, he has an awesome presence, and I personally can listen to him talk for hours.

His excerpt / coles notes version of his talk from the site reads,

”The ‘self’-taught’ occultist rarely credits the authors of the books they read, although their very lineage of thought is dependent upon them. What is the role of authorship, access, and digestion in the printed Occult text? Can what is transmitted be more than just concept and word? How does the horizontalization of esoterica in this manner change its appeal? Its power? Have we ensured preservation of thought and perception long past for others to benefit from? Or, have we, in the words of Rousseau, learned only “to talk about things we know nothing about”?

*Shiver* even just reading that gives me goosebumps!

Wolf & Goat

There were many many more awesome lectures, you can see what you missed here. The final day of the event I got to go to the after conference reception and hang out with all kinds of cool witchy and occult peeps in a magical loft in what I believe was the industrial part of Seattle.. (Not totally sure.. Can’t find my way out of a paper bag and it was dark.)

EBC After Party

This witch was spoiled this week and got to stay with 2 lovely kitties and a snake, then my second set of hosts were ever so awesome and took me home the following day. I then got to hang out with the high lady of Rosarium Blends, House of Orpheus & Rubedo Press where we spent my last two days frolicking in the woods, drinking wine, and burning shit. ( Some of my favorite pastimes.<3 )

The Witches Hut

Tips for your visit
– Stay near the event if you can ~ There is partying every night
– Buy a deluxe ticket ~ You will want to go to everything
– Sleep lots before you come
– Bring an empty suitcase ~ You need room for all the books you will buy

I will definitely be going back next year!

The Witch

The Burning

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