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HM Video: American Giant Hoodie Review

New video on the Haute Macabre Youtube Channel- in which I test drive American Giant’s “Greatest Hoodie in the World”. It’s been getting a lot of great press for craftsmanship and a lifetime guarantee,  so I figured I’d give it a spin and compare it to my current favorites- the Ovate Valhalla hoodie and a Diesel one I thrifted.


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  1. I do an asymetric drape with the Valhalla hoody and pin it with a brooch, or pin the hood itself across into a drape-jacket effect thing if I want to wear it closed – chic and less permanent than installing a zip. Your mileage may vary depending on how much drape there is in your fit though.

  2. If you kept the American Giant hoodie you (or a tailor) could put two double-pointed darts in the back to achieve the hourglass fit you like.

  3. Ha! I was thinking during the video…gosh, I wish they’d review the Valhalla…and then you get there anyway! RE: the Valhalla I had the same problem with it, wishing it would close. Then a friend of mine confessed they took theirs to a seamstress (or tailor, or whatever) and had a zipper installed. I tried it and it was a perfect solution!

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