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Goth Emojis Are Here, Life is Complete

Goth Emoji

Thank you, Goddess Nattskiftet, for bringing us Goth Emojis. Now I can properly convey my all my darkest feels via text.

Search for “Goth Emoji” in the Apple App store on your phone, or check out Not yet available for Android. but the current version is programmed for Facebook!

**Edited to add:: I believe Goth Emojis are now available on Android as of the most recent update!**

Goth Emoji

Goth Emoji

Goth Emoji

Goth Emoji


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  1. I got it despite the poor reviews and deleted it the next day. It doesn’t work. Nobody I sent them to could see them – as if they weren’t sending at all.

  2. love the idea but won’t be downloading it as app store reviews are beyond scathing (and it doesn’t actually work for fb or instagram or twitter, plus dodgy privacy clauses). Shame — been waiting for those dark emojis we’ve been promised (the black bat, and a black heart, at the very least) for what seems like a century

  3. I was so excited to be able to put bats in my messages until I saw that the creator can retrieve my messages so I can use the app. Disappointed in you guys!

  4. Um.

    Why would anyone produce anything goth-related, and then release it exclusively on iOS…?

    Talk about not knowing your market demo.

  5. Come one guys, get it together. Make it available for your real audience, or don’t release it before its time. 😉

  6. 99 cents would be fine if you didn’t have to turn off the security settings to use, which can send credit card info to the developer (and likely other information). Certainly not worth a buck to give away all the information.

    I agree the emojis are also too large.

  7. I bought it but when going to enable it I received a rather concerning message about the creator of the app having access to all my private messages. Despite the warning on the App Store that the creator is not collecting said data I will not be enabling this on my phone.

  8. What booo no Android! Hurry and release it for Android! Hopefully theyre little and cute little real emojis and not like Facebook stickers

  9. Great, another thing for posers and the Hot Topic crowd. *Rolls Eyes* and prays for sunlight to kill all of you.

  10. Not available for Android?! Really?! Come on!!! Most people us Android phones. When releasing an app, they should only release it once it’s done for both, Apple and Android.


  11. Everyone knows that more goths use androids. Serious bummer . If I could use that hate emogi and that middle finger emogi right now, I would

  12. I wish they were smaller. also they images are pixelated hope there’s an update soon for better quality. awesome idea tho