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Occult Activity Book

Occult Activity Book

If the psychedelic designs and floral patterns aren’t hitting your marks in the recent releases of adult coloring books, The Occult Activity Book by S. Elizabeth and Becky Munich might be exactly what you’re looking for.

This stunning new Occult Activity Book takes the reader on an eerie journey through mysteries of the unknown – the world of witches and their familiars, cinematic themes of necromancy and the black arts, ritual incantations and more.

Find your happy place on the dark side while indulging your inner child: whether you’re soothing your secret demons with the mindful coloring of fiendish illustrations, or summoning them from the depths of hell with a mad-libs inspired wordgame, the Occult Activity book is aimed to disturb and amuse in equal amounts, and is an unnervingly delightful way to explore your favorite esoteric themes in the relative safety of your own home… with little to no consequence!*

Available in both the standard and deluxe editions at Munich Art Studio

Occult Activity Book

*The Occult Activity Book authors are not responsible for any demon summoning, spell casting, dimensional portal opening, or any other consequences that may result from usage of the book.

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  1. Both versions are “sold out”……..that is ridiculous cause it’s a coloring book. Make it available as a pdf format book and let us purchase and print out our own book for coloring!