New in the Shop: Aradia | Haute Macabre

New in the Shop: Aradia


And thou shalt be the first of witches known; And thou shalt be the first of all i’ the world; And thou shalt teach the art of poisoning.

The silent and mysterious sister to Haute Macabre’s As Above, So Below collection, Aradia. Our homage to the mother of the Witches casts her spell around you, wrapping you in her enchanting embrace. With forward notes of midnight invocations, and a subtle undertone of lingering enchantment.

A veil of smoked patchouli, sweet oak, and opoponax sweetened by bourbon vanilla.

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The latest exclusive fragrance from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Haute Macabre is Aradia, an extremely limited batch never to be reproduced. Only 60 bottles ever to be made, available now in the Haute Macabre Shop while supplies last.

Due to the extremely limited quantities available of Aradia, please limit two bottles per person. Each order will receive a special free gift with purchase.

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