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SheIn #2: Mini Haul

Hi Everyone! I posted a new video review for SheIn because after our last review, they sent us more stuff. This review covers the Bell-Sleeved Dress and Hooded Bodycon Dress pictured below, plus a cute ruched tank that has since sold out.


Black Bell Sleeve Dress   + Hooded Bodycon Dress  +  Hollow Ruffle Top

Crochet Blouse  + Cape Top   + Split Tee

**** Post Script ::

Since posting this last week, we’ve received a number of comments here, on our IG, and via email regarding the original designer of this piece! We in no way condone independent artists’ work being stolen or duplicated without their consent, and were unaware that any of the items reviewed in this video were anything but original items manufactured by SheIn. Haute Macabre has a long history of supporting small business and independent artists and designers, and have no intention of stopping that now.

The original designer of the “Hooded BodyCon Dress” that Erin reviewed is Jo Clothing on Etsy, and the original dress is the Hooded Tunic Dress with Thumb Hole Sleeves. 

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  1. I remember ya’ll put out a call for designers to send you items for review (I think it was in the first SheIn review post), I hope you will choose your reviews with more integrity moving forward. I’m sure many independent designers would be happy to send you items if you reached out to them.

    Here’s the link to Jo Clothing’s dress, the EXACT dress in the photograph, if anyone is still interested in purchasing it from its rightful designer.

  2. The fact that the images used by SheIn are CLEARLY stolen and cobbled together, and the language used on the site is…not the best…were dead giveaways to me that the site isn’t the most trustworthy. And as soon as I saw the main image for that hooded bodycon dress, I KNEW I’d seen it on Etsy before. Come on, y’all.

  3. I’m an independent clothing designer from Michigan. The first item you are reviewing, the ‘hooded bodycon dress’ is a cheap knock off of my design. The photographs of this item were stolen from my Etsy site, Jo Clothing. My photos are being used by several of these ‘cheap discount clothing’ sites such as Shein. This is copyright infringement, which I have been fighting to stop.
    I am the only person that makes the actual tunic dress shown in the photos. It makes me sick to see the cheap sweat shop version that they are passing off.
    I agree with the first commenter, promote and support small independent businesses! Buy handmade!

  4. So…I love you guys. I’ve been a reader of HM for as long as I can remember, as well as an advertiser, so this is a bit difficult to have to write. I am *shocked* that you are supporting SheIn, as they are CLEARLY a fast fashion / sweat shop manufacturer. The clothing is ridiculously cheap for a reason. I would implore you to watch the documentary “The True Cost” to learn about these practices. Please consider promoting small, independent clothing designers like Ovate, MorphKnitwear, Noctex, etc. who you have featured prominently in the past. If people don’t stop supporting fast fashion clothing manufacturers, these human rights abuses will NEVER stop. Just my 2 cents.