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Dolls Kill Sale Alert



Dolls Kill is hosting their annual 4/20 sale, ending tomorrow night at 11:59PM.

Trust me, this site is worth weeding through (no pun intended) the terrifying candy raver outfits that should have died in a fire in the 1990s. I’ve fallen in love with the brand MNML here, found Lime Crime at a crazy discount (I’m currently obsessed with the Venus palettes), and their clearance section usually has some gems hidden in with the alien faces and pot leaf graphics.

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  1. Who do they plagiarize? I actually see them stocking (meaning, supporting) independent designers. Yeah, they stocked a brand that was ripping off Bei Badgirl, but they pulled the items from the site. They sell so many “trendy” brands that are all ripping each other off, it becomes murky figuring out who’s ripping off who.

    I just don’t like their “attitude” and copy voice. Drives me crazy!

  2. Hmm, I like a lot of Dolls Kill’s stuff, but the truth is they plagiarize a lot of their stuff off independent designers – supporting them leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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