Spectralities | Haute Macabre


Rik Garrett has launched his new video series, Spectralities, exploring the historical exchange between art, science, and the occult. Episode 0 starts the series with an introduction to the foundations of Spiritualism, and explains how The Fox Sisters of New York started a religious movement with their alleged communications with the spirits.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn will be hosting a series of lectures and discussions on Spiritualism June 8-12, with one night devoted specifically to the famous sisters. I’ll be missing that lecture by just a day, and am crossing my fingers that it will find itself online for future viewing!

Haute Macabre’s very own Fox Sisters enamel pins are still available in the shop, however we are currently running dangerously low on inventory (less than a dozen remain) and do not plan on reprinting these.

Fox Sisters Pin