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  1. I’ve been reading HM since the beginning (truly) and find it really disappointing to see Lime Crime promoted here.

    LC has a notable history of poor business practices, including repackaging products, threatening bloggers with legal action for less than positive reviews, failure to disclose/notify customers of a potential security breach, and racist products/promotional campaigns.

    While everyone is entitled to use and purchase whatever products they like, I think that promoting a brand in a public space requires consideration of the company and its practices/public image.

    And to be honest, there are other fabulous companies to recommend! Liquid lipsticks in particular are super popular right now, with a number of great indie brands offering a range of colors, including Dose of Colors, Pretty Zombie, and Makeup Monsters.

    Again, I really love HM, I even have the stickers, tank top, and BPAL imps to prove it! I just wanted to address this as respectfully as possible.

    1. Hey Meghan, sorry you feel that way! I’m a big fan of Lime Crime, and own a ton of their lipsticks, both their palettes, and almost all of the liquid Velvetines. I have had nothing but positive experiences with their products and their customer service.