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DIY: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Heels

Most of you know I’m a total thrift junkie, so I was out Saturday morning at the local Goodwill when I found a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas in my size.

My issue with the Litas since they came out has been that God-awful chunky brown heel. It’s just appalling. I’m not one to blow $150 on a shoe that needs work- but I’m totally up for blowing $9 on a fixer-upper, So I grabbed them. Since the heel was wood, I just masked off the leather and used acrylics to get a nice silver-grey shading on the heel. At first I did a straight-up ombre, but it didn’t do much to help the shape of the heel, so I ended up doing a shading in a more graceful shape to break up the chunkiness, which I’m downright happy with. I might end up doing a shellac coat over these as well, but right now I’m enjoying the matte finish. Fixed!


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