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Goths in Hot Weather (Part IV?)

Goths in Hot Weather : Vampira

It’s that time of year again. You know the one. The Daystar gets all burny, the days last forever, and for some reason you really want to go float around in the ocean and look at some cool fish and not go to work for a week. Preferably, you would like to do this without catching fire. While also looking awesome. So you should go do that, because that is the whole point of putting up with an entire season where your makeup slides off your face at 11am in what is best described as a ‘calving event’. Besides, it gives you a good excuse for the largest sunhat you can locate and seriously awesome shades.  If you’re gonna get tan lines, they might as well form pentagrams.

Killstar Proserpine One Piece 


Killstar Ceremony Monokini 

Goths in Hot Weather : Vampira


Disturbia Necronomicon Swim TopLovecraft Briefs

Goths in Hot Weather : Vampira

killstar-hades-bikini-p16812-18321_imageKillstar Hades Bikini Set


Current Mood Lethal Bikini Top & Bottoms (this set both terrifies and intrigues me)

Goths in Hot Weather : Vampira

And for the more colorful:

NewBowieFrontView-CroppedPoprageous David Bowie One Piece (and there’s a Prince Mug Shot one piece!!)


Black Milk Dem Guts Two Piece 

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