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Birds N Bones Jewelry


Birds N Bones Jewelry creates jewelry inspired by the animal world, using sourced materials from resources such as The Bone Room (which our very own Erin ran for many years!) to mold their casts and inspiration.

Coming soon from Birds N Bones is the Mini Bug Collection, with three small releases in the works. Each of these collections will donate a portion of the sales profit to insect conservations, to give back to the creates that are the inspiration for the designs.

Three_Claw_Prong_Necklace_by_Birds_N_Bones_Jewelry_1024x1024 Passer_Sparrow_Claw_Ring_by_Birds_N_Bones_Jewelry_1024x1024 Armadillo_Vertebra_Necklace_by_Birds_N_Bones_Jewelry_1024x1024

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