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New Video Post- Museum of Osteology!

For years now I’ve been meaning to visit Oklahoma City’s Skulls Unlimited, one of the largest retailers or real and replica bones in the world. After all, I had been talking to those guys on the phone on and off the whole 18 years I worked at The Bone Room.  Recently they opened their own museum, The Museum of Osteology, America’s very first skeleton museum. So, since I was in Oklahoma City, I took the time to stop by and see the place in person- and it was AMAZING. It’s not huge, but they have crammed so much into the space that I feel like I could go over and over and keep seeing new things.



I’ve been working around skulls and skeletons most of my life, and there were plenty of species here I had never had the chance to see a full skeleton from. There were lots of unusual species and pathological displays, and the skeletons were beautifully prepared, perfectly assembled, and artfully posed- and I’m REALLY picky about those things.

A couple of links to stuff in the video:

Foxtail and Fern Dress



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