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Three Ravens Company Giveaway

Three Ravens Co

Based out of Philadelphia, Three Ravens Company creates hand crafted scents, delivered via candles and bath and body products. The fragrances are each imbued with a heavy hand of devotion, love, and inspiration. You may recognize the name from the recent launch of BloodMilk’s Exquisite Corpse debut collection, where Three Ravens Company collaborated on a series of now sold out candles.

Three Ravens Company was born from a place of loneliness, when owner Christina Tommassello’s husband was actively deployed in the military for long stretches of time. Rather than succumb to a depression, she turned to scent formulation, working quietly, late at night.

My process has always been a solitary one. It had always been my indulgence, a sort of stealing away and selfishly focusing on the one thing that was just for me. I’ll spend months obsessing over a formula. Perfecting it. I’m always inspired by books and film. Characters or places in time. Piecing together that person or place and building an environment with scent is what I look forward to most every night now. 

Learning candle making, perfume, soap… all those came later. I needed to learn a way to offer those scents to others. A medium to house them. Candles came first. And learning those gave me more months-long obsessions to bury myself in late at night. 

From this, Three Ravens Company was born.

Haute Macabre is very pleased to offer one of our readers an prize pack of items from Three Ravens Company.

To enter to win one double wick candle plus your choice of three Travelers Tin and an assortment of mini dram scent samples, please visit, and tell us in the comments below what your favorite scent offered is, based on their descriptions. 

We’ll pick a winner at random in one week, on Wednesday, September 7! **CONTEST IS CURRENTLY CLOSED!**

Congratulations to Sara, commenter #86! 

Three Ravens Co

Three Ravens Co


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  1. I am in LOVE with your candles! Gypsy would set my spirit free! Thank you for doing this giveaway ?

  2. Covenstead is calling to me. In my mind, it smells like a warm and mysterious place to linger for a while. A long while.

  3. I love the richness of the wooded/resin scents and green of the forest scents, so it’s a hard call to chose a favorite. These are the ones that call to me: Covenstead, Myrkwood, Pyre, & Mary Black’s Grave. I’d be thrilled to try any of them! ??

  4. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway and a chance to try some of your wonderful candles. I think my favorites would have to be Alfheim, Will-O-The-Wisp, and Kierkegaard. Yet I would be excited to try any of them out.

  5. Will-O-The-Wisp sounds amazing. The thought of pumpkin & cinnamon is calling me. It just cries autumn is coming!

  6. I know I would love Absintho and Covenstead.I will be buying Alfheim for my husband. He goes crazy for grassy wood smells.

  7. I would choose myrkwood, pyre, covenstead or cerimonium, they all sound very warm, woodsy and inviting which is what I always want my house or myself to smell like because i find the forest or the woods to be my home away from home!

  8. My favorite is Will-O-The-Wisp. It sounds like the most perfect scent to burn on a chilly autumn night.

  9. I have to choose the Myrkwood. Being a somewhat reluctant citydweller it would be perfect to have the scents of the forest with me, conjuring memories of both fresh spring and wet autumn all at once.

  10. Will-O-The-Wisp I love anything with pumpkin! Fall and Halloween are my favorite so i have to go with the pumpkin scent! Pyre also peeks my interest.

  11. Covenstead is my favorite based on the notes but Absinthio sounds amazing, too. Rebellatrix is piquing my interest. Too many loves.

  12. Will-O-Wisp sounds like the perfect fall scent! That one is absolutely my favorite–though Covenstead comes at a close second… Clearly, I love the smell of cloves.

  13. It’s hard to pick. I like the sound of about 4 of them: Myrkwood, Alfheim, and Cerimonium,
    and although I don’t like the smell of tobacco, Rebellatrix sounds intriguing. But if I was buying I know that my first purchase would be of something I already know I like which would be Cerimonium or Alfheim.

  14. Hi, thank you for this amazing giveaway !
    Cerimonium seems to be the kind of scent I like a lot, especially with the warmth of a candle, at night, with deep and soft music.

  15. Old Toby sounds quite atmospheric, and not a scent I usually indulge in which adds some personal variety. Pyre and Rebellatrix also sound right up my alley. Rebellatrix even moreso by concept.

  16. It’s a toss up for me between Covenstead and Myrkwood.

    Also special mention for Kierkegaard because I’m a coffee fiend and fan of his writing.

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