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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Art of the Unicorn

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Unicorns

It is hard for me to objectively speak about anything that Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab produces or releases. I run on a personal bias for the company and its founder, Elizabeth Barrial, having nothing but the warmest and fondest feelings towards her and BPAL as a whole. We’ve worked together for many years now, and have developed a long lasting friendship from that business relationship. Given the vast array of scents in their olfactory library, I of course have selections that I prefer other others, but as a whole, the brand has continued to outdo themselves with each release.  With that in mind, I recently received a package from them (two, actually, but more on that another time), containing the summer collection, entitled Art of the Unicorn, and although I am not one typically for the ultra femme associations of the mythological beasts, this collection is full of the hope and wonder that it means to convey, and has introduced me to some new additions to my ever growing collection of BPAL favorites. 

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Unicorns

From Elizabeth’s introduction:

The world is wading through a dark, violent, confusing time, and sometimes it feels like we have no recourse other than to slip into despair. I believe, though, with all my heart, that hope springs eternal. In keeping with that, we present BPAL’s first unicorn series as a symbolic representation of our kinder, brighter selves, the return to wild innocence, and of the possibility of true compassion winning the day. 

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Unicorns 

Settling somewhere between earthy scents and an innocent, sweet aroma, Unicorns is comprised of three separate collections within itself: Art of the Unicorn, Unicorns pt II, and Bitches Love Unicorns, the latter being a BPAL Forum exclusive, totaling 20 scents in all, with an accompanying Black Phoenix Trading Post set of atmosphere sprays and hair gloss.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Unicorns

My personal favorites include the earthy “A King Pursued by a Unicorn”, the subtle but poignant “Orpheus Charming Animals”, and darkly sweet “Abduction of Proserpine on a Unicorn”.

A King Pursued by a Unicorn is comprised of white oak, pine pitch, and a shattered shard of golden amber.

Orpheus Charming Animals is dark myrrh, teakwood, olive blossom, a scattering of crushed asphodel petals, and a drop of green cognac.

Abduction of Proserpine on a Unicorn is white sandalwood, black currant, and pomegranate.

This limited edition collection is currently available at

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Unicorns

Nothing is hopeless; we must hope for everything.

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