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New Video Post: Autumn Eyes

I created an autumn inspired eye look for this video featuring all Lime Crime products! I personally love Lime Crime, and they were generous enough to send me their Living on a Prairie Velvetines and the amazing Super Foil collections. If you haven’t tried the Super Foils out yet, go get them right this very instant! I cannot wait to get my hands on the new colors that were just released this week.

This was supposed to be nothing but a makeup tutorial, but I had two visitors while filming: one needy little cat that loves to make appearances in my videos, and an unexpected shadow figure that I didn’t notice until I was editing this. I’ve had many experiences with shadow figures throughout my life, and I didn’t realize it was there while it was happening, but it sufficiently spooked me while I was home editing. New Orleans is full of ghosts, and I’ll be sleeping with piles of obsidian next to my bed tonight.

What do you think of the look? And, what do you think of my shadow visitor??

Products Used:
Super Foil in Gilded Carriage
Venus II Palette “Mustard”, “Jam”, and “Mud”
Saddle Velvetine
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Venus I Palette “Aura”

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All jewels by BloodMilk, always. Wearing the Bat Bones Pentacle, Lorraine Cross earrings, Rings are the Large Planchette, Easeful Death Large Coffin in Onyx, Hecate in Onyx, Endless Night part I, and Belonging to the Darkness in Moonstone.

Music by Belong, used with permission of artists.
Song is “The Door Opens the Other Way” off of the “October Language” album

This is not a paid post, all opinions my own! Super Foils, Venus Palette, and Velvetine Liquid Lip Stick were provided by Lime Crime. Some of the links above are affiliate links, and Haute Macabre will receive a small commission from them. We truly appreciate your support but understand if you prefer to seek these items out via another method.

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  1. I’m so jealous you can see your eyelids. Mine are always hiding and I am hoping for a new trend where eyeshadow is put on foreheads because that I have in spades.

  2. Beautiful!
    (I love how you say, “I haven’t applied concealer yet” and your skin is flawless. Mine will only be remotely that smooth/flat through surgery–and I’m not into elective surgery. I could have worse problems than puffy fat pads under my eyes…alas.)

    Hope you have finally invoked the fall in the south! So ready. Thanks, Samantha.

    1. Don’t let it fool you! I already have on color correcting concealer + full coverage foundation, the “haven’t applied concealer” is the FINAL concealer to clean up the shadows and fully hide my dark circles.