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Anthropomorphic Delicacies


Rooted in our current ecological crisis, Oakland based artist Crystal Morey creates beautiful anthropomorphic sculptures imbued with poignant emotion for her upcoming exhibit, ‘Delicate Dependancies’ at Modern Eden gallery which opened on October 14. The figures are made in milk- hued porcelain, which give the work a more fragile feel than previous bodies of work, underlining the delicate balance of the human and animal bodies conjoined in each figure. Resembling devotional statues, each body represents the hope for humanity to more peacefully co-exist, evidenced in the harmonious flow of the merging of the species. Previous work showed female humans costumed in feathers or furs of different animals and birds, here, the metaphoric metamorphosis is more seamless and speculative. Lastly, putting their teeming beauty aside, the figures serve as reminders, ” The narrative I aim to create lies somewhere between an imagined space and one rooted in reality, one that entices the mind and hopefully reminds us about our deep connection with the land around us.”* The show runs until October 29th.

*Artist quote via the current print issue of Hi-Fructose magazine, in which Crystal has a 6 page spread.