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In a beauty-obsessed culture where cosmetics are often seen as frivolous acquisitions of store-branded ideals, where the ultimate intention is serving up superficiality, it is most important to remind ourselves that cosmetics are meant to be fun – because no matter the maquillage, authentic beauty will always be produced from within. Atop an unconventional platform from which to perch, SkinLux Beautiful Bones are luxury, anatomical cosmetic tattoos designed to showcase avant-garde beauty, promote conversation, and empower the wearer to have fun embracing their very own Beautiful Bones.


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The nostalgia of the decal tattoo is something many an 80’s baby is familiar with and over the last handful of years with the newer trend of flash jewelry enabling a reemergence of this medium of decorative art, the anatomical and ornamental design elements of Beautiful Bones certainly stir up a striking and fascinating statement. And the statement that Beautiful Bones is making is one that is worth sharing: Universally, down to our bones, we are all beautiful.


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Los Angeles based artist Lillian Winters is the creative powerhouse behind (and in front of) Beautiful Bones. Almost every element of the SkinLux Cosmetics “Beautiful Bones” line has been envisioned, designed, and produced by her. As an indie artist, theatrical performer, and professional cosmetologist Lillian initially designed Beautiful Bones to compliment and complete a new burlesque costume and routine “Stripped”, debuting in 2017.

In discovering that Beautiful Bones could be a multifaceted project, Lillian devised the initial idea to evolve into something deeper, a means to support her colleagues and simultaneously raise awareness* for Breast Cancer Research, a charity near and dear to her heart.
Beautiful Bones also presents an opportunity, not only for Lillian’s cosmetology related clientele, but for makeup addicts, festival goers, and art enthusiasts alike…really anyone with a desire to celebrate and honor their uniqueness – to obtain professional-grade seamless, show- stopping wearable art at a fraction of the cost in both the time and money that would normally be spent to achieve such a lustrous look.

*A percentage of all profits generated will be allocated to a charity actively involved in Breast Cancer Research.